Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long Island Gilgo Beach Butcher claims EIGHT victims.

Forty miles east of New York City, a serial-killer dumping ground is being searched by police.

On Monday, Suffolk County investigators - utilizing helicopters and cadaver dogs - found more three sets of remains, bringing the total dead to eight.  More remains are likely to be found.

The investigation into the killings began in the early hours of  May 1, 2010, as police searched the Long Island beachfront area for missing craigslist prostitute Shannan Gilbert.  Gilbert, 24, of Jersey City, visited client Joseph Brewer of Oak Beach, Long Island,  before bolting from the house in a drug-fueled panic and banging on neighbors' doors for assistance.

Gus Coletti, 76, was one of the last people to see Gilbert alive. He was at home, shaving, shortly before 5 AM. "I hear somebody screaming and bang-bang on the door," he said. "I opened the door, and she stood  right there. I said, 'What's the matter?' And she kept saying 'Help me.' " When he dialed 911, she ran. "She took off, and that was the last I saw her," he said. Coletti claimed that an unidentified man in an SUV drove by a few moments later looking for Gilbert. Neither Gilbert nor the SUV driver have been seen since.

In December, as police searched for Gilbert in the Ocean Parkway area of Gilgo Beach, they made the gruesome discovery of four victims, none of them Gilbert.  All of the bodies belonged to women in their twenties who worked as Craigslist prostitutes. Each body had been wrapped in burlap and was severely decomposed. The bodies  were deposited aboveground and spread over a quarter-mile. Each one had been placed roughly 500 feet from the next, and each one lay about 50 feet from the north side of Ocean Parkway.

Joseph Brewer - Facebook
After the bodies were found, police raided the home and seized the car of Gilbert's last client Brewer, who incidentally is the father of an eight-year-old daughter.  Brewer has not been named a suspect and has not been arrested. He proclaimed his innocence after the December discovery and said, "There are still four girls who are missing.  I have compassion for them. And now I feel for Shannan's family. They have no answers, they have no closure."

On Tuesday, March 29, 2011, another set of remains was found about a mile east from where the first four victims were located.  And then on Monday,  April 4, among the four-foot-tall beach grass and scrub pines, three more sets of remains were located using cadaver dogs, police cadets, volunteer firefighters, and investigators from the area.

Yesterday, investigators focused their attention not only on the brush and grassy dunes where the bodies were found, but also on Oak Beach, a residential area a couple miles away. In the morning, a busload of investigators entered the gated community, known as the Oak Island Beach Association. Investigators have returned numerous times to the gated community since last year.  Police have been searching mostly north of  Oceanfront Parkway, but have fanned the search out to include the beach on the south side of the highway.  The westbound lanes of the Parkway remain closed.

Dominick Varrone, chief of detectives in the Suffolk County police, said that it was too early to ascertain much from the new remains; he noted that three of the four newly discovered bodies “were of a considerable distance from the original four.” He said that the police still believe that the first four victims were “the work of a serial killer,” but that it was too soon to determine if any of the latest victims were connected to the earlier murders. He also added that it seemed that the four latest victims had been left there at least as long as the earlier victims, who had been reported missing between July 2007 and September 2010.

As of this writing, eight bodies have been found within a seven-mile search zone from the Robert Moses Causeway west to the Nassau County line.  Police are calling the deaths homicides but have yet to release the most recently found victims' identities, except to say that Shannan Gilbert is not among them. Searchers will be expanding the search area today.

Upon learning that her daughter was not among the bodies discovered this week, Mari Gilbert said, "If it wasn't for my daughter, these bodies never would have been found. Everyone has their destiny, maybe this was hers. I'm still hoping she comes home."

Criminal profiler Casey Jordan believes that the Gilgo beach serial killer is a power freak who is driven by hedonistic lust.  The Gilgo Beach area is convenient and familiar to the killer, who may be taking advantage of the constant salt spray and winds to rush decomposition of the cadavers.

In December, upon the discovery of the initial four victims, Dormer said, "I don't want anyone to think that we have a Jack the Ripper running around Suffolk County with blood dripping from a knife."

Identities of victims found in December 2010:

Maureen Brainard-Barnes, 25, from Connecticut
Last seen on July 9, 2007 in Manhattan

Melissa Barthelemy, 24, from upstate New York
Last seen on July 12, 2009 in the Bronx

Amber Lynn Costello, 27, of North Babylon
Last seen in North Babylon on September 2, 2010

Megan Waterman, 22, from Maine
Last seen in Hauppauge on June 6, 2010

And police are still searching for:

Shannan Gilbert, 24, from New Jersey
Last seen in Oak Beach May, 2010

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Really my identity isn't important.

But since there seems to be some curiosity, I'll post my ID to end the rumors. 

There.  Now the secret rooms at facebook can rest easy.  Why? Because I fuckin' rule.

I wonder if Terri is still texting Michael.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I think I'll name George. I'll hate him and blame him and....

How badly must Casey Anthony hate her father to blame him for Caylee's murder?  An article at WFTV says that it appears that Casey's strategy has shifted toward blaming her father for some type of abuse in the home that led to Casey's fucked up mental state, which in turn led Casey to kill Caylee.

Two new witnesses have been added to the defense roster: the protester with whom George got into a shoving match outside the Anthony home in 2008, and an expert who specializes in PTSD.

George's suicide threat in January 2009 will undoubtedly play a role in this new strategy shift.  If you'll remember George took off to Daytona and made text messages stating that he intended to take his life.  When police found George, they also found a five-page suicide note. If this new defense strategy indeed features an abusive George, then there's no doubt that Baez will use that suicide note as evidence of George's instability and remorse for his treatment of Casey.  Indeed, chances are that, in that note, George may blame himself for all that befell the family.

Whatever happens, the Anthonys undoubtedly raised a monster, so they shouldn't be surprised that she's betraying them now. I hope that someone is keeping careful watch over George, because this can't be good for a man with such a fragile psyche.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Spy Game.

See if you can notice the differences in the two photos below. Post your answers and the winner gets a no-expense-paid trip to sit by George and Cindy in the next court hearing! Hint: there are eight differences.

Sunday Cartoons

Judge Belvin Perry's Poker Face

Jose Baez' strategy implodes. Next, which family member to blame?

Other Exploiters of Child Crime: Pathological Liars on the Internet

1. Identity Disorder and Pathological Lying on Facebook Crime Sites

Pathological lying can accurately be called an identity disorder. The pathological liar creates a new, more exciting identity and then begins to create lies to place herself into this new identity. An example is a pathological liar who sings in local ensembles but envisions herself to be a rock star. Some pathological liars have severe self esteem and identity disorders and need multiple fake identities. Some may envision themselves as rock stars and place themselves into the middle of a local crime. Desiring to be more exciting and valuable to society than they truly are, they begin to lie that that they have inside knowledge of true crimes. They create a new identity of rock-star-super-hero crime fighter and this fuels the pathological lying.

The pathological liar doesn't place value in actual experience. Her value is found only in identification.  She doesn't need to be an employee in the sheriff’s office to know exactly what it's like to solve crimes. After all, she has watched Nancy Grace for years. She might have enough intuition to understand the thought process, emotions, affects, and consequences of the experiences she lies about. This assists her in believing that she has the “right” to lie because the subject matter “affected” her exactly as if the lies were true. 

When identified as a pathological liar, she will hope to spare her self esteem from additional blows. She will attempt to discredit those who have discovered her lies. She will make desperate attempts to maintain her new fake identity which is so closely tied with her self esteem. At this point ridiculous efforts will be made by the pathological liar to save her false identity. An example is ridiculously posting false photo ID card which shows a 3’10” height and 64 lbs weight and stating that it is hers. In reality, this is a state identification card needed for her child to prove residency and required to obtain Welfare benefits. 

Enabling a pathological liar reinforces their pathological behavior. Their annoying behavior can be criminal if the pathological liar is interfering in criminal investigations by creating false evidence. Pathological liars are not exempt from prosecution. 

Let a pathological liar know that her behavior is unacceptable. Tell the pathological liar that you have identified her lies. Make her aware that you will end contact with her if she will not admit to her lies and state that she will stop lying to you in the future. Follow through with your statement if she will not admit to her lies. Encourage others who interact with the pathological liar to do the same. If she has no one to listen to her lies, she find healthier ways to increase her self esteem.

2. Narcissism and Pathological Lying on Facebook Crime Sites

Self-esteem and narcissism have been found to be interrelated for decades. Narcissist have a need for a need for admiration to boost their self esteem and pathological lying on Facebook and other internet forums has become an easy method for them to gather admirers. Because narcissists have less capacity to sustain intimate or long-term relationships, the internet provides the perfect vehicle to gather admiration, but avoid close relationships. Virtual friends who admire the narcissist’s false characteristics are a cheap energy source for the narcissist. They are never valued as friends, but rather these individuals are only seen by the narcissistic as a self esteem supply source.

On Facebook and other forums, narcissists create fascinating identities such as rock star or judge in order to obtain admirers. Disturbingly, some of these lies are not only annoying, but they may be criminal offenses. Lying about being a judge is a felony. Allowing a pathological lying narcissist to participate in discussions or joining the liar’s Facebook page is enabling their pathological and sometimes criminal behavior. Confront their lies. Tell the pathological lying narcissist that you refuse to communicate with them until they admit their lies and state that they will not lie to you in the future. Follow through with your statement if they will not admit their lies. 

--Anonymous contributor

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shawn Adkins perp walk today? Let's hope, pray, send vibes...

...and gather here tonight to celebrate, should Shawn be indicted for all that child porn by the grand jury that meets today to hear his case.  

Parents, never leave your little one alone with the physician!

The arraignment for former Lewes pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley lasted for about a minute or two as he pleaded “not guilty.”  Bradley was indicted last year by a Sussex County Grand Jury to 471 counts after his arrest for the sexual abuse of 103 young patients.  Worse, there may be many, many more victims.  The case is assigned to Superior Court Judge James Vaughn who this month set a trial date for Bradley remains at the VCC in default of $2.9-million bond.

“These were crimes committed against the most vulnerable among us, those without voices,”  Delaware Attorney General Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III said. “They were committed by someone in whom the community and parents had placed their trust.”

Police and prosecutors have accused Bradley of almost unspeakable depravity – holding toddlers upside down and yelling at them while committing sex acts; penetrating a girl’s vagina with his hand when she was brought in for a sore throat, according to previously released court documents. In one Dec. 13 recording made three days before his arrest, a 2- to 3-year-old girl was seen screaming and trying to run away from Bradley, police wrote.

Bradley's case stands out because of the depravity of his alleged crimes, said Dr. Eli Newberger, a professor at Harvard Medical School and a pediatrician who has studied child-abuse cases for almost 40 years. "It's the worst pediatrician abuse case I've ever heard of."

Some of Bradley's actions alleged by prosecutors -- videotaping himself forcing oral and vaginal sex on children as young as 3 months old -- were "incredibly traumatic" and violent, he said.
"The fact that the children tried to escape is an unassailable negative," said Newberger, who has agreed to testify in a civil case filed by families of Bradley's alleged victims.

"The fact that he caused children to lose consciousness during these acts -- these are profoundly hurtful acts, and frankly I've never heard of anything that's been so assiduously documented as it was here," Newberger said.

The attacks allegedly occurred at Bradley’s Disney-themed BayBees Pediatrics in a Pinocchio-themed examination room, a basement where he kept toys and other treats and an outbuilding Bradley was converting into a movie theater. 

By bonding with the children, the burly, bearded doctor earned their parents’ trust and permission to take them alone to get toys, candy and ice cream.

Bradley’s arrest in December came after two previous attempts to build cases against him collapsed – once in 2005, when prosecutors did not file offensive-touching charges against him for excessive kissing of a 3-year-old girl, authorities have said, and again in 2008 after three parents told state police about inappropriate vaginal exams, but a Superior Court judge would not authorize a search warrant for his office.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest author Holly Medin writes: Missing Child Opportunists

One of the very strange things in crime situations are those people who choose to become involved for some unknown reasons.

In the Kyron Horman case, there are Socal, Chana, Tracy Herold, Marybeth Shaeffer, WiKt, Eric Linden, Sheri Escalante and Nancy Sewell, to name a few.

Socal and Chana claim to have insider information and have been proven to be liars.

Marybeth Shaeffer ran a page in Terri's favor and then switched sides, for some reason.

Nancy Sewell had a Paypal button on her page because if Kyron's parents can raise money, there is no reason why she cannot get money as well for her rants against the biological parents of Kyron. 

Sheri Escalante's preoccupation with missing child cases has left her children so neglected that her son calls himself an orphan.

Tracey Herold is involved with other missing children pages and throws fits at those who do not conform to her whims and rules, whatever they may be.

Who are these strange creatures and what is their malfunction in life? 

--Holly Medin

(Editorial desk: if you'd like to submit an article, feel free to contact me through this page.)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What kind of people still support Billie Jean Dunn?

Billie Jean Dunn was arrested for lying to police about child-porn enthusiast Shawn Adkins' location last week.  She also had illegal drugs in her possession. There are many people on facebook who continue to support Billie, in spite of these facts.  What kind of people continue to support Billie?  My only conclusion is that Billie's supporters are as morally bankrupt as she is.

Instead of calling her what she is, they make excuses for her.  They relate their own experiences in a feeble attempt to "connect" with her, to show that they more than others can relate to what she's going through.  In the end, they all look as stupid as she does.

Here is just a small sampling of posts by the people who continue to support this fuck-up of a woman:

Jude Fackelman Shawn was Billies drug of choice...made her feel better..since her failed relationship with Clint....

Jody Wells I think it is highly possible that Billie is afraid of Shawn A. especially knowing the history of already threatening their lives...and now Hailey is missing?? Sure she could be afraid she is next...

Marty West Herron or what may happen to another one of her family?
Marty West Herron ...until you have been there there is no way to understand. Looking back, I know I was stupid to stay after the first time but I sooo wanted to believe that he would change like promised. It's like brainwashing.

Hailey Dunn Updates & Discussion ‎(kay) I left my abuser the moment he hit our 1yr old before that he had only abused me. I was only 18 at that time and I literally walked out with my son on my hip and walked miles to my mother's house. I understand what you are saying. I just try to keep and open mind about other's and their individual situations.

Robin Fleming Many people are addicted to painkillers. Many senior citizens are addicted to pain killers. Pop a pill society many nurses are addicted to them. I've heard past cocaine use but not currently and nothing to show she even smokes pot. Yes she'...s addicted to Shawn because he makes her feel good and makes her laugh. Many men have secret lives and it's quite possible Shawn kept his from her. I just can't point fingers till more truth is known and some of the stories out there are just as bad as the lies they claim Billie told. First there's cp on the stick then there's not, they found evidence then they didn't. So many lies everywhere I say SHOW me.

Dora Dennis I was abused to mentally physically emotionally. Its manipulation and verbal abuse BRAINWASHING!!! Thay make all the decissions urs as well telling u ur stupid and r not capable of running ur own life or anyone else. After so long u start b...elieving all the garbage. When u do get out u make a decission and start dougting it and fall back again over and over. U dont believe u can do anything apart from them. U step out fail get scare and right back in u go. Looking back now leaving was the easy part. The yrs of trying to get my life back was the hardest. Yrs counceling and a whole lot of God and a support system to get my confidence in myself and my ability to make good quality decissions. Ill almost bet she didnt just move him in. He manipulated his way in and she didnt know what to do from that moment on...

Hailey Dunn Updates & Discussion ‎(kay) ya know Robin, after this long thread of talking about abusive relationships and such, I have to say I really agree with what you are saying. I think more than anything SA is manipulative and BD has been fooled by him over and over but, that maybe, (hopefully), it IS starting to sink in.

If you really want to read some appalling stuff, visit the Billie Dunn Innocent facebook page.  

Worst neighbors in the world: Cindy and George

Seriously, would you want to live next door to these jokers?

 Brian Burner is the neighbor to George and Cindy Anthony who lives right next door.  He also had the misfortune to be dragged into this case by Casey Anthony, when she knocked on his door and asked to borrow his shovel.

Brian says in his deposition that he does not speak to George and Cindy Anthony anymore.  Who can blame him?  These grandparents are protecting and supporting the murderer of their grandchild.  Here's hoping for Brian that, once Casey is found guilty, the Anthonys will somehow lose their home and he'll end up with saner next door neighbors.

Crime Rants will televise the Casey Anthony Trial

Be sure to bookmark this site, because we'll be broadcasting the Casey Anthony trial on our site beginning May 9.

Crime Rants

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